• Joe Robinson

How Computers See Depth: Recent Advances in Deep Learning-Based Methods

Updated: Mar 13

Part 1: Motivation and fundamentals of stereo vision

Sample use-cases for depth estimation.
Vast applications based on depth-sensing technology. Image by Author.

Our perception of depth is essential for creating the 3D world around us. This knowledge has been prevalent for centuries, and one man who knew this well was Leonardo da Vinci. He used his expertise to help him create some art that would be famous across history pieces such as "The Last Supper" or "Salvatore Schizzera. Technically, an understanding of binocular traces back to 280 A.D. when Euclid realized our depth perception as humans focused on the same objects with two eyes. Still, today, stereo vision is quite an interesting problem. My goal was to learn the topic in-depth. Now, I transform my notes into a blog series.

✍ Each article will include a Pop Quiz! The purpose of the Pop Quizzes is to solidify key concepts by pondering over cherry-picked problem sets. Do share your responses as comments!

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