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Joe Robinson, Ph.D.


Researcher & Entrepreneur

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As a researcher, Joseph P. Robinson proposed and employed advanced AI to understand humans interacting in environments, while capturing semantics and optimizing decision-making. He specializes in modern data-driven modeling with big data (or lack thereof): data acquisition, model training, self-supervision and adversarial learning with minimal data, multimodal sensor fusion, etc. Dr. Robinson has published in over 35 conferences & journals on computer vision, pattern recognition, multimedia and multimodal. Selected publications listed on the Projects page.  He worked in various industries, including surgical robotics (Vicarious Surgical), defense (MIT Lincoln Labs), entertainment (Snapchat), among other areas covered by various renown companies.

As entrepreneurs, Dr. Robinson and Dr. Yun (Raymond) Fu aim to improve the construction sector with much-needed AI technology in a booming industry during this much-needed time: high demands, costs and low supplies, skilled labor shortages, and worker safety. Joseph worked as a contractor early on: after growing up on job sites and learning various professions in his early teens, he launched Joe Robinson's Construction LLC per his Massachusetts General Construction Supervisor License. The unique career path motivated us to use our experience to find solutions to a sector in need.

For more info, see about (personal), projects (technical), and my blog (articles). Contact me with questions, comments, opportunities, or such.

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