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Joe Robinson, Ph.D.

Researcher & Entrepreneur

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Greetings! As a researcher, Dr. Robinson proposed and employed advanced AI to understand humans interacting in environments while capturing semantics and optimizing decision-making. He specializes in modern-day, data-driven modeling with big data (or lack thereof): acquiring methods, training models with minimal data, leveraging self-supervision and adversarial learning with fewer data, and much more! Dr. Robinson published in 35+ conferences and journals on computer vision, pattern recognition, multimedia, and multimodal.

    As an entrepreneur, Dr. Robinson and Dr. Yun (Raymond) Fu aim to enhance the construction sector with much-needed AI technology in a booming industry during this much-needed time (i.e., high demands, expenses and low supplies, skilled labor shortages, safety, and more). Hence, before research, Joseph worked as a contractor: he grew up on job sites, learned various trades from his early teens, and then launched Joe Robinson's Construction LLC upon receiving a Massachusetts General Construction Supervisor License. The unique career trajectory motivated us to work on fusing our experiences to find solutions to a sector in great need of assistance.  

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